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Moving On
added Wed March 11 2009 at 12:01 AM

The hunt continues. It's been a rocky relationship, anyway. It's been almost two months and I think that I was starting to regret the whole thing and maybe even locked into something that I didn't really want. I think if things had progressed faster at the beginning that maybe I'd feel different. On the other hand, if I'd rushed into it and there hadn't been that cooling period then maybe I wouldn't have noticed the problems that became so apparent today.

The house in Auburn pretty much failed its inspection. I'm not really too upset about it since I'd actually given up and decided to cancel the day before HUD finally got their act together and approved the contract last week. When we showed up today, there was an obvious rat infestation - we didn't actually see any furry little guys, but they left plenty of evidence all over the place. Also, there were several places where the ceilings were showing water damage - something that I know I was looking for when I was looking at houses earlier.

The roof is bad enough that I shouldn't have a problem getting out of the contract and who knows how much damage there was to some parts. The siding was also in pretty bad shape. Basically, it was a cheap manufactured home and didn't have proper maintenance the last few years. The home inspector was pretty cool about the whole thing. I could tell that he didn't like doing manufactured homes, but I think he did a pretty good job of being objective. And after we found so many problems with the exterior, he cut me a deal and told me that he'd only charge me half the price if we called it quits then. I don't think he wanted to do the rest of it anyway - and I had face the fact that it really wasn't in livable condition right now. It had such a nice garage, though - I'll miss that.

Who knows what's around the corner - I'm back on the market.

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